• Image of Born to Win Hoodie
  • Image of Born to Win Hoodie
  • Image of Born to Win Hoodie
  • Image of Born to Win Hoodie

We've been asked to do the Born to Win shirt as a hoodie, so here you blimmin well are!

We've gone for a really high quality top, the 'Superstar', by Mantis. (Not to be confused with Mandate, which - as I'm sure you're aware - is an iconic aftershave brand advertised by noted antiques lothario and pissed-up pedestrian Lovejoy.)

It's a heavyweight 80% cotton soft 'peached' fabric (no, I haven't got a clue), with brushed innards. The hood is waffle-lined, the neck is taped, and overall it's so bloody wintery and fancy and tempting all the Ogri elves have already put their names down for one. The design will be a back print, and for a zip down the front we're only asking for an extra fiver. Have you ever tried to put a zip in? Cheap as chips, that is.

Garment sizes are in inches, and are an approximate guide provided by the manufacturer - if in doubt, make like Kevin & Perry and go large.
We'll gladly swap, but only if we've still got one handy…

To fit chest sizes:
S 36/38
M 39/41
L 42/44
XL 45/47
XXL 48/49

And yes, we have a funky daisy for the garden hose. WHAT OF IT?