We finally found someone doing the increasingly rare proper 'fine art' old-fashioned cloisonné glass enamelling process. It wasn't easy, but we finally dunnit innit?!

Behold! And marvel at the lustrous beauty of traditionally-made hard enamel on a brass ground! And buy one, why don't ya?!

Here's what our manufacturer says about them: "Traditional Hard Enamel Badges or cloisonné pins continue the fine-art tradition of glass enamelling and are the highest quality Enamel Badges due to the durability of the coloured enamel fill used. A stamped metal badge base is filled with a colour fill that is heated to set. The badge face is then polished leaving a smooth, flat badge surface. The enamel is made from natural occurring materials so colour reproduction can not be matched perfectly, but if you want that truly authentic badge, then this is the one."

And it bloody well is as well!