• Image of Ogri: Original and Best book
  • Image of Ogri: Original and Best book

All the lost originals from Paul's spare room!

In 2017, just as the finishing touches were being put to 'Now to Make my Getaway: The Complete Compendium of Ogri Strip Cartoons 1972 - 2013', Paul discovered two forgotten portfolios of original strips in his spare room. Perfectly easy thing to misplace. They're only thick, stiff bits of A2 watercolour paper, and there were only 102 of them, after all…

These are literally the best quality possible, having been scanned at high resolution direct from the originals - and then printed by one of the best art printers in the UK. As good as it's ever going to get on the quality front.

On the shelf and ready to ship now, the book is softback, A4 size, 72pp, and packed to the gills with 104 illustrations including two previously unpublished sketches from Paul's personal sketchbooks.

ABSOLUTE BLOODY BARGAIN, so it is. Get yours now - before sodding Amazon finds out we've got them already…

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