Hello and welcome to the Team Ogri online store! 
We are Laughing Gnome Ltd, merchandise licensees for everything Ogri since 2014, and here to supply your every Ogri desire, however weird… 

Here's a few bits of info you might find useful:

When will I get it?
We usually ship only once a week, so if you need something urgently please say so in the delivery instructions box as you go through checkout. We are aware that a lot of birthdays can creep up a bit, and we'll do our best to bring a smile to every face on every occasion. Unless someone's pissed us off, of course, in which case BE GLAD YOU ARE STILL WAITING… We are always on-brand.

How will I get it?
Everything currently goes by First Class Royal Mail within the UK, or Royal Mail's International Standard service globally.

'Advance' and 'pre-order' stuff: WTF is it?
If you are placing an 'ADVANCE' or 'pre-' order, this is for an item that hasn't been made yet. The product page will state clearly whether this is the case, and will give you the date on which the ordering window closes. Nothing happens at all until that date has passed, and then we are in the hands of our printers - and currently also international shippers - on when you will actually receive the item ordered. There are significant UK supply issues on many items, most notably blank T-shirts, at the moment, so while it would usually take ten days for us to receive a batch of finished shirts, the 'Stuff Everything' reprint that closed on May 17th was actually delivered to us a whole month later. So please be prepared to wait. We will always issue updates but can't make any firm promises on these items until the world gets a little bit less freaky. Anything that doesn't state that it's an advance or pre-order will be delivered as part of that week's regular shipment.

And if I don't like it?
If you've ordered the wrong size, drop us an email and we'll gladly receive it back (unwashed & unworn) for a refund & you can then place a new order for the right one. Any other problems, send us a photo or tell us what we did wrong, and again we'll deal with the issue to the best of our ability.

Any further questions, you'll find us via the contact form, or at info[at]ogri-book.co.uk. Unless you're a bot, of course, in which case we will give Kickstart your email, and he will eat it - or do something smellier… 


The Team Ogri team, June 17th 2021