We are very pleased (and relieved) to announce that the last few of the limited first edition are finally completed and on sale. Because of the tsunami of interest we experienced last year, we'll be releasing them in small batches so a) we don't have an attack of the collywobbles and b) you get your book within a week or so of placing your order. August bank holiday weekend 2018, we released the last three leather books, and they were gone in not much more than 60 seconds. There will be no more leather EVER.

Each book consists of 504 silky pages, 496 of which are content. All 443 published cartoons are in there, bigger than they ever appeared in the magazines, on pages which measure a whopping 324 by 355 millimetres. The strips themselves have been collected from all over the place, and painstakingly restored where necessary - though 102 examples are, incredibly, taken direct from original artworks which turned up just as we were finishing the first draft of the book. Also featured are numbers 443/49 and 444/50, which Paul produced back in 2013, but which never made it to a magazine page.

On the cover is a pressed-on colour plate (matt laminated to prevent scuffing as it slides in and out of the handmade slipcases), and foil-blocked lettering in antique gold to reflect the fact that - purely by accident - this ridiculously ambitious project was printed in Ogri’s 50th anniversary year.


BLACK BUCKRAM, NUMBERED Bound in black buckram book cloth, with foil blocked title on spine and face, with full-colour jumping Ogri plate applied to the front. Given that we had to stop selling before the end of last year, these are numbered 101-500, in the order they're sold.

BLACK BUCKRAM WITH CASE, NUMBERED Bound in black buckram book cloth, foil blocked and with the full-colour jumping Ogri, presented in a very nifty handmade slipcase. Given that we had to stop selling before the end of last year, these are also numbered 101-500, in the order they're sold.

LEATHER WITH CASE, NUMBERED AND SIGNED A limited edition of one hundred copies bound in Wildman and Bugby distressed black leather, each one individually signed and doodled by Paul, and presented in a reinforced slipcase. Yes, actually reinforced. These were numbered 1-100. The last of these sold on August 24th 2018, never to be seen again.


UNTIL OCTOBER 15TH 2017 this was a SUBSCRIBER’S FIRST EDITION, which means that everyone who bought a book before that is a subscriber to the publication, enabling us to actually get them made. You'll find the subscribers' names and messages printed in the back of the book. Books bought after October 15th are just normal books, but numbered as part of the limited edition.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 21ST 2017: The printers are now struggling so badly with levels of demand that any orders placed after this date are highly unlikely to be delivered in time for Christmas. Each book is individually stitched and hand-bound by a team of just two blokes, so it's not really surprising that they're struggling with the sheer numbers you beautiful people have ordered! We never expected so many orders, and even at full pelt, we're falling behind!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 6TH 2018: Buckram orders from September 28th 2017 have now shipped, including those ordered to UK addresses with slipcase, and the cases will follow in a couple more weeks. Overseas orders with slipcase, and all orders in leather, remain unshipped. We're finally on the move though!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 28TH 2018: All buckram books ordered online without cases have now shipped, and buckram orders placed at the NEC *would have* shipped this week only now we're unable to do anything because of the snow! Slipcases are due in to us next week, and leather are now in production. Online sales of buckram and buckram with case are now projected to reopen on St Malcolm's Day. (That's April 1st if you didn't instantly work that out.)

UPDATE MAY 4TH 2018: Leather books are now completed and just waiting for their slipcases before we start to ship advance orders, currently projected to start May 14th onwards. The long-awaited stock of buckram books were all destroyed in transit in to us just before Easter, when they should have gone on sale. For this reason we are currently engaged in the killing spree mentioned above, and while replacement stock is expected, we can't say when until we have killed the parties involved and used their skins in the same way the monks of Worcester dealt with Vikings. Your patience is very much appreciated. And any nails you might have spare.

UPDATE MAY 26TH 2018: All the books sold in 2017 are finally on their way to their new homes, and we are now working on getting you some more…

UPDATE AUGUST 23RD 2018: The final 100 buckram books are now made, and literally trundling their way up the M40 on the back of a truck. THANK BUGGERY!

UPDATE AUGUST 24TH: The last three leather books all gone and never called me mother, which is unsurprising cos I'm a geezer and I'd duff anyone up if they impugned me masculinity. As might be expected, really.